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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Elvis & Me

  • Ashton Kutcher says that Bill Clinton ignored him while chatting up his wife, Demi Moore. As much as it pains me, I have to take Bill's side on this one, Ashton. If I'm ever at a table with you and Demi, you may as well be in China, cuz I won't know you're there.
  • A recent article in The Sun claims that George Michael is "off his trolley." "Off his trolley" . . . I like that.
  • The gig for the Nebraska governor went well. I didn't get to meet the governor, but the gig was a lot of fun. We blasted some good ol' classic and British invasion rock. It was held in the basement of a beautiful (and very large) home in Omaha. I felt a tad out-of-place amongst all the well-dressed Republican money people, but hey, I'm with the band. Also performing was the best Elvis impersonator I've ever seen. His name was Greg, and he was the nicest guy you could want. He rhinestone-studded suit and hair and sideburns and wig were dead-on. He had the moves, and even had the voice. He even sang the "American Trilogy" and nailed it. I'll post a few pics.
  • Washington D.C. police have been forced to admit that surveillance cameras are not making the city safer. D.C. had a bloody weekend: 11 people shot, 4 fatally. Don't expect the cameras to go away, though. They aren't actually there to keep people safe. They are there to keep track of everyone, and when the time comes, they will be everywhere, and I mean everywhere.
  • So Mark Foley wanted to screw a page. So what? How well does he do his job? That's the only important question. Character is overrated. Besides, only a moron parent would send their kid to be a page in Congress . . . without teaching them about safe sex, that is.
  • This animation is very, very cool.
  • Here's a site that has loads of movies, short films, cartoons, stand-ups, concerts and documentaries that have fallen out of copyright. Perusing the list, I see not all of them are out of copyright, but there are some great classic B-movies and horror movies.
  • Once in a while, I'm acutely aware of the passing of time. Not sure what does it. Maybe it's the change of the season. Whatever the reason, sometimes I find myself unable to say "no" to my daughters. The other night, while the Husker game was on, I did everything they asked. If they wanted to play this or that, if they wanted me to carry them or swing them or pretend like they're flying, I would do it. It's fun to do that sometimes. It's also exhausting beyond belief. It's a good kind of tired, though.
I have my energy back now, so watch out.


Blogger Fletcher said...

Did you enchant them with the subliminal messages in your songs? Bwahahahahahaha!


7:52 PM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

I tried, but none of the Republican gals wanted to do me. I'm losing my touch . . .

Maybe I'll try Democrats next time.

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democrats are not as much fun - they lack the direction from their former leader :)

Go Independant - they think for themselves, and you might enjoy it.


9:58 AM  
Blogger Heather said...

Jimmy, you do find the coolest, most random things on the Internet. Where do you find the free time for this? I'm going to be stuck on that free movie site for hours...I just found Monty Python's Funniest Joke in the World! Hahahahahahahahaha...thmp


9:11 PM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

Anon: Actually, I'm a registered Libertarian. I wonder what kind of parties they have . . .

Heather: Yes, that movie site kicks ass. I have this program called "Stumble." With it you can click your way through hundreds of cool sites. You should try it. StumbleUpon

10:46 PM  
Blogger Davis said...

Now we have BOTH played for a NE governor. By the by you can go to and watch all of the Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad and South Park you can stand........

9:42 PM  

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