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Thursday, January 05, 2006

"They Really Want to Be Scared"

Self-mocking horror movies that were no more frightening than a cloudy day are out, and in-your-face, bad-ass grindcore films are back in—and it's about bloody (sorry) time.
Director Eli Roth ("Cabin Fever," "Hostel") says, "I think scary movies are back. People clearly don't want to see a horror movie to laugh." It's about damn time somebody came to their senses. We'll enjoy it while it lasts, I suppose.

In a related story, Jason Voorhees is 25. Be sure to keep your distance when he cuts the cake.


Blogger Steph said...

I don't want to be scared....


I think there is one thing to be scared, a completely different thing to be just plain grossed out. Which seems to be the theme lately. I'd rather have suspense than blood.

Could be a girl thing.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

That's true. A genuine scare and a gross-out are certainly different things. I think I have a masochistic streak, as I like to punish myself by watching some of this stuff. I'm sure a shrink would love to get inside my head.

9:38 AM  
Blogger Davis said...

They would never get out, Jimmy.....

6:14 PM  

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