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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Africa Cam

You can peek in on the sights and sounds of Africa via this live cam at the National Geographic website. The cam pans across the unimaginatively named Pete's Pond, and you can catch a fleeting glimpse of wildebeests, zebras and elephants getting a drink of water. You might be surprised how addicting this is.
You'll need RealPlayer.


Blogger katherine said...

So, I'm blogsurfing ... and (randomly) I find your blog. I was surprised to see this post, since I just posted about the WildCam on my blog less than an hour ago. Anyway, thought it was worth noting. All best!

11:54 PM  
Blogger Davis said...

Speaking of addicting.......

Ever been in a Turkish prison?

5:53 PM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

Katherine: This is pretty cool, eh? I like to listen to the sounds of the jungle at night.
Davis: No, but I like movies about gladiators.

6:08 PM  

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