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Saturday, May 26, 2007

But I sure know where I've been

Hello, everyone. Hard to believe it's been over three months since I've posted, but I have good reasons. In early April, I started the Body-for-Life program, which involves a mix of weight lifting, cardio and six carbohydrate/protein meals per day. It's been going well. I started at 229 lbs., and I'm now at 206. Twenty-three pounds gone in 6 weeks. I lost the first 16 lbs. in the first three weeks. I now wear jeans that would've been tight ten years ago, and I can see my jawline again, ha. My energy has returned, and I'm getting muscles on my chest for the first time. It's exciting and a little strange all at once.

Also, I've been working on my screenwriting. I'm determined to make a sale in the next year, so nearly all of my free time has been devoted to writing and studying the craft.

I've started the girls on Hooked-on-Phonics. They're doing well, learning the different sounds that letters make.

This exercise program require a decent amount of rest, so the days of staying up until midnight on the computer are over. I have to be up to get my workouts done before my girls get up around 6:30 or 7, and I have to have lights out by 11 p.m. at the latest. So, you can see that time is at a premium, but I have missed you all. I check in on your blogs regularly, but I haven't commented much since I haven't had time to engage in the kind of conversations we used to. However, now that I've streamlined my schedule, I hope to come around more often. I'll see you all on my rounds.



Blogger Defiantly Damned said...

Oh, Jimmy, it's so great to hear from you again! I really was beginning to worry about you. :)

Great job on losing 23 pounds! Wow! The new lifestyle sounds exciting... and just the thing that I, myself, need. My schedule is so out of control with little sleep, staying up too late, getting up too late, etc. How did you ever make the plunge to be so structured? I'm anxious to hear about how all these great changes came about for you. I need some advice and motivation and inspiration. :)

Glad to see you back... I really have missed you and your blog, my friend.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Fletcher said...

Not envious. Not I. I could have that kind of self-discipline if I wanted. I could!

Rock on! You will become stud-meister papa!

OK, weird. Firefox's spell checker recommends molester over meister. I'm sure it's not a moral judgment.

Oooh! Write a screenplay about me. Jack Black can play me. He looks like me anyway (yes, he looks lime me because I'm older and came first! ha!).

Well, I start the new job tomorrow. So I must try to become structured, too. Early to bed, early to rise and healthy eating and exercise.

Oh gods.

I'll start drinking heavily tonight, then. :)


2:28 PM  
Blogger Jimmy said...

DD: Great to be back, Luv. Not to worry, I'm not going anywhere soon. I'll outlive everyone. Well, I guess that might be reason to worry for you, ha.

I guess I reached one of those "had enough" moments. A moment where I was not just tired, but sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was tired of chronic back pain (now gone), my belly resting over my belt (it doesn't anymore), my fat face (I have a jawbone again!), XL shirts being too small (now they're too big). It was also a moment that I realized that if I truly believe in individual free will (and I truly do), then now is the time to prove it.

One thing I learned from this program is that we must plan our lives. I've always been a "reactor" instead of a "planner." Reactors simply react to what happens, and they waste time doing so. Now I've taken the idea of planning my meals and exercise sessions and started to apply it to other areas of my life, and I've found that time is becoming my ally instead of the enemy.

It requires constant self-motivation, a realization that you're special and worth the extra effort, that you want to be healthy and strong as your children grow old. It takes determination because the first week (maybe two) is a holy bitch. But after that, visible progress is the only motivator needed.

Two books I recommmend: "Feeling Good, the New Mood Therapy," by David Burns, this book helped me destroy depression without drugs, and "Body-for-Life," by Bill Phillips. Take a peek at those. Both of them changed my life for the better.

Fletcher: Oh, you would make an excellent screenplay subject. "Hello! My name is Todd! I'll be your incubus for the evening!!" And it's all downhill from there.

The chicks all already love you, Fletcher, what with your sexy goatee and sniper's vest . . .

10:15 AM  
Anonymous tree said...


I'm so glad to hear your good news. I'm in a similar place in my life. Early to bed. Early to rise. All that good stuff.

Does this mean we can get some updated purple spandex pictures?

12:51 PM  

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