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Monday, August 15, 2005

Beautiful, Aren't They?

They don't exist. They can't exist either, according to this article, because there's no such thing as a wrinkle-free face with perfect lips, eyes or eyebrows. This is a computer-generated image of what an "immaculately beautiful" man and woman is supposed to look like. Apparently, women who have an enlarged head, a large curved forehead, a shortened nose, rounded cheeks and enlarged eyes are "breathlessly beautiful" . . . 'cause it makes them look young and child-like . . . which men like subconsciously . . . because young women are fer-tile as the Nile Valley . . . yeah, that's it . . . .


Blogger Monkey said...

I realize I'm just a monkey, but in truth, I don't find either of these faces attractive. I adhere to the theory that it is our imperfections that make us beautiful.

I love Purple, and heaven knows he's not perfect.

12:53 PM  
Blogger Steph said...

I agree Monkey, I find these faces freaky, and very attractive.

3:41 PM  

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