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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Arrested for Casting the Second Stone?

An 11-year-old Fresno girl is going on trial for assault with a deadly weapon. The girl was arrested for throwing a two-pound rock at a boy and opening a two-inch gash in his head. Sounds pretty cut-and-dried until you consider that the "victim" and 6 of his friends teased the girl, called her names and pelted the girl and her brother with water balloons. The "victim" admits to starting the fight, and the girl had been bullied before. The girl has already spent 5 days in juvenile detention and a month on house arrest. Wow.
This is just another lesson, kids. You don't swing back at the bully. You cry and meekly beg for mercy, and if you fight back, you are in trouble. People who push back at bullies as children are likely to do it as adults, and that's a problem in a society that values social order over justice.
The story does not mention whether or not charges were filed against the water-ballon bullies.
A support site for the girl, Maribel Cuevas, is here, and it includes the police department's side of the story.Here's Fred Reed's take on the case.
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."—John F. Kennedy.
UPDATE: The girl's felony trial is off. She has been ordered to attend a mediation program with her "victim." She will not face detention nor will she have to plead guilty.


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